Hardwood Floor Cleaning

For over 130 years, Martin has been a family-owned business specialized in cleaning residential flooring. ​

We continue to be leaders in our industry and the most trusted hardwood floor cleaning service in Central Ohio.

The hardwood flooring in your home is unique. Due to its natural composition, the appearance can gradually change. Foot traffic might also fade areas more quickly and woodgrains, just like rugs and carpets, are equally susceptible to oil and stain damage. The cleaning and maintenance of your hardwood floors might require an expert. Martin does thorough evaluation and educates you throughout the whole process so you know what to expect every step of the way.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process


Our certified technicians do a thorough inspection of the hardwood flooring before beginning. They will also remove any dry soil with a microfiber mop. 


We use a specialized Bona equipment to deep clean your floors. This machine uses a combination of hot water and the Bona Patented hardwood floor cleaner to remove flooring contaminants. 


After the deep cleaning phase is finished our technicians will dry the surface with a microfiber mob so your floors can be walked on immediately after cleaned. 


Lastly, we do a final walk-through inspection with you to ensure you receive a professional and quality experience. 

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