Dust & Wet Mops​

For over a century, Martin has earned the distinction as the most trusted floor mop service provider in Columbus, Ohio.

The responsibility to keep a building or business clean is a challenge. In a high paced environment, it is tough to stay on top of every detail. One thing that can easily get overlooked is the cleanliness of your dust and wet mops. When a consistent and reliable solution doesn’t always meet demands, it is time to turn to experts. Martin has been a dependable partner fulfilling the critical need of cleanliness by providing the best dust and wet mop service in Central Ohio.

Mopping shouldn’t be a chore, let the experts at Martin help.​​

While our mops are great for your floors, they are even better for the environment. With the unique design of our mops, you can reduce the use of water and chemicals by up to 85% just by using our SmartMop.  Since we are a rental service, any faulty or damaged mops will be replaced or repaired.  Thus ensuring that you will always get the best results.  

Hardwood Floor

Why buy and clean a mop when you can rent one?

Unlike most mop suppliers, we’re a rental company. That means, not only do you get the most up-to-date and innovative products, but your mops are laundered and faulty parts replaced without you having to lift a finger.

We offer high quality mops that allow you to clean intelligently. The Martin SmartMop consists of innovative microfiber textiles and a specialized ergonomically designed mop handle and frame. 


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