Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Since 1890, Martin has earned the distinction as the most trusted hardwood floor cleaner in Central Ohio. ​

Hardwood floors are durable and provide a great appearance. If your business receives a good amount of foot traffic, then you know how your hardwood floors can quickly show visible signs of wear. Ordinary cleaning methods can only do so much. Deep cleaning requires professional assistance. At Martin, we are experts in providing hardwood cleaning services for Central Ohio businesses.

Hardwood Floor

We are Bona Commercial System™ wood floor cleaning partners that deliver excellent, safe results for your facility.

Every Facility’s hardwood floors are unique and special. That’s why our cleaning formulations and methods are designed to be highly effective, residue free, non-toxic, and fast drying. Professional cleaning of your hardwood floors is essential for protecting and maintaining your beautiful investment. Your partners at Martin and Bona will provide a reliable maintenance program to keep your hardwood floors clean and healthy.

Hardwood floor cleaning

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