Martin Carpet Cleaning was founded in 1890 by Mary and Frederic Martin in the German Village area of Columbus.

Mary and Frederic’s dream to open their own business started when they moved to California during the Gold Rush in search of riches. Although they did not find gold, they discovered the art of Oriental Rug Cleaning through a friend. They returned to Columbus to start their own family and to realize a dream of owning their own business.

As the business grew and prospered, so did the size of their family. In 1925, Paulus Martin, their son, joined Martin Carpet Cleaning and utilized many mechanical advances that had become available during the period to build on the cleaning techniques that his mother had taught him as a young boy.

In 1967, after Paulus’ sons, Paul and John, had graduated from The Ohio State University, they too joined the family business to add to the legacy their grandparents had envisioned. Paul and John were among the first in Ohio to discover the need for in-home carpet cleaning due to the popularity of wall-to-wall carpeting. As advances were made in rug cleaning, they embraced new cleaning techniques and purchased state-of-the-art rug cleaning machinery.

As we enter into the fourth generation with the addition of John’s sons, Chad and Brent, we will continue the strong cleaning tradition that our great-grandparents began in 1890.