Cubicle Cleaning

Since 1890, Martin has been keeping office spaces looking professional with their deep cleaning methods.​

You spend over half your time at the office and it should feel and look as clean or even cleaner than your home. Martin’s certified technicians will have your cubicle feeling and looking clean in no time. Germs spread very easily in an office, regular cleaning will help stop the spread and keep your cubicle looking fresh and professional.

Keeping your office space clean and germ-free

The certified technicians at Martin use state-of-the-art equipment and solutions to deep clean and sanitize office cubicles.


• Inspect the space

• Perform any spot removal (ink, glue, water stains, coffee stains, etc.)

• Cleaning with a water base solutions

• Air dry (typically takes 2 hours)

Our cubicle cleaning service ensures that your employees are working in a clean, sanitized and germ-free environment.

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