Upholstery Cleaning

Since 1890, Martin has earned the distinction as the most trusted furniture and upholstery cleaning company in Central Ohio.​

Commercial furniture is some of your hardest working office equipment. Even more so than carpet, it can dull quickly and needs regular cleaning to keep your office environment looking professional and fresh. Soil and germs spread easily when seats are shared within an office. 


Refresh and Renew

Martin uses state-of-the-art equipment and solutions to deep clean and sanitize office furniture and upholstery. Our certified technicians specialize in cleaning all fabrics including dry-clean only and special-care fabrics. We can also offer hard surface sanitation on your furniture to assure every surface on the chair has been fully sanitized. Our professional service allows your associates to be more comfortable and productive while enhancing the image of your office environment. 

Before & After

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