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Moth Eradication Area Rugs: Flash Freezing

At Martin, we prefer using the safest, most eco-friendly method to get rid of pests like moths and their larvae. One of the techniques we use is freezing.

Freezing is the ideal way to eradicate moths in your rugs without using toxic chemicals. It’s both good for the environment and safest approach especially if you have young children at home. Compared to commercial pesticides, freezing does not leave residue on your rugs or fumes that your family can later on breathe. 

Also, exposure to pesticides can have several health risks. The use of these chemicals has been linked to serious illnesses including respiratory problems and even cancer. 

Cold temperatures kill moths much as heat does. In our freezer solution, our experts pack the infested rugs into plastic packets and store them in the deep freezer. We don’t use ordinary freezers though. Unlike your home freezer, our freezer’s temperatures go as low as zero degrees. Zero temperatures kill larvae and make sure your rugs are free from pests. 

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